Monday, February 23, 2009


The cheap beer taste-off

At the first-ever Chicago Heights cheap beer rating event, eight people blindly tasted five beers and ranked them based on a scale of one to five, five being the best and one being the worst.
Here were the participating beers (in alphabetical order):
- Busch
- Corona (not cheap, but we decided to throw it into the fray because someone had brought some over)
- Miller High-Life
- Old Style
- Schlitz

It was fun and came up with some surprising results:

5 In Fifth Place:
Note: Funny thing is, a couple of the guys participating are regular Busch drinkers. During the blind test, both identified a different beer as Busch.

4 In Fourth Place:
Note: Surprising result for easily the most expensive beer in the contest, and only one that was poured from a bottle. Post-results speculation centered on the fact that Corona really relies upon a lime wedge for taste. Otherwise, it can't stand up to even the cheapest beers.

3 In third place:
Miller High Life
Note: This was surprisingly my highest rated beer. I'm not typically a fan of it, but in our blind taste test, it fared well.

2 In second place:
Old Style
Note: No longer "fully krausened," Old Style nonetheless outscored all other cheap beers but one...

1. And the winner is....
Note: The beer that made Milwaukee famous is back and better than ever, at least judging by the results of our blind test. A few of the guys tasting hadn't had Schlitz since the Malt Liquor days and were astounded when the results were revealed.

So there you have it. We may do it again and include Pabst, Old Milwaukee, Hamms and other cheap beers. For now, the reigning champ is SCHLITZ.

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