Tuesday, November 07, 2006


For whom I will vote today

Living in Illinois, where a tight governor's race is topping the bill, I'm quite underwhelmed by the Democrat and Republican candidates (of course, I usually am, no matter what the race). So I will vote today for Green Party candidate Rich Whitney, even though he evidently speaks to statues. Regardless, he's the best candidate out there right now, and I really do hope he gets a substantial percent of the vote, just to send a message to the two main political parties.
And Whitney has garnered enough attention to cause a scare in the mainstream candidates. Interestingly enough, it's the Republicans who are scared of Whitney more than the Democrats, (those who harbor a slight six-year grudge against the Greens for running in 2000). A couple of days ago, a prominent Illinois Republican denounced Whitney for previously being a socialist, and later lambasted the Green Party candidate even more when he didn't apologize for being a former socialist. It made me chuckle.
I'll also probably vote Green in the state treasurer race, and I'm still considering voting for the independent running against Jesse Jackson Jr. for the congressional seat here. I like "Triple J," but I am very disappointed that he might consider running for mayor of Chicago, where Richard Daley is doing a fine job.
I was considering voting for the Republican for president of the Cook County Board, but have not yet made up my mind on that one. I disagreed with the shenanigans surrounding the stroke of the incumbent president John Stroger, and also thought he was best a self-promotion, but the new candidate, John Stroger Jr., seems to have politics that align more with mine than the Republican. Still, I wish there was an independent candidate in that race too.

Saturday, November 04, 2006


Strange random internet picture of the day (for me)

From the live journal random picture generator, a guilty surfing pleasure of mine. This is probably somebody's art that I stole. Sorry about that. Can't say I won't do it again, though.

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