Sunday, June 14, 2009


Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine

Years ago, before television numbed our minds with incessant celebrity news, stories were king. Stories were what entertained the masses. Movies were an extension of that.
For some of us, stories continue to rule. I'll take a good story, regardless of medium, over nearly any other kind of entertainment.
Sure, I also enjoy music, and try to see bands play live whenever possible. I also enjoy sitting on my patio, grilling up some food, having drinks with the family and listening to recorded music.
But when evening hours threaten to turn into morning ones, or when a long, busy day has given way to that wonderful resource known as "down time," stories are king.
Here's the best way to ingest stories: reading. And here's a good source for stories: Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine.
Disclaimer: I enjoy nerdy literature. Neal Stephenson and Neil Gaiman are two of my favorite writers.
No matter. Stories are stories, no matter what the source, and while I typically read novels, I keep an eye out for good short-form fiction. And Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine is usually the place I turn to for short stories.
Here's one reason I like short stories: They introduce me to new writers. I've read all the Stephenson and Gaiman that's out there (note: I'm now getting into Vernor Vinge).
I've just gotten my copy of the August/September issue of Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine, and I'm looking forward to reading a story in this issue by Bruce Sterling, a guy whose work I've never checked out. So I'm glad to have the chance. Nancy Springer is another auther who comes recommended, but whom I've never had a chance to read. So I'll do that.
Here's the opening line of a story by a guy I've never heard of: "I was there when the dragon first appeared - it ate the Eiffel Tower." It's a story called "The Art of the Dragon" by Sean McMullen. I think I'll start there.
You can too. Check them out at

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Cat food

This can of cat food is my...

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