Sunday, August 06, 2006


How I ended up walking through Lollapalooza in a black suit

I've now officiated my second wedding, overseeing the vows of Paul Champlin and Vickly Mork, who were married on the Odyssey daycruise ship off Navy Pier in Chicago. It was an elaborate and hot affair, being held on the boat's expansive roof in 90 degree temps. Fun ensued following the ceremony, with a reception on the boat's second floor.
By all accounts, I did a good job as officiant, though there was one glitch involving a rose the groom was supposed to give to his parents (nobody brought the rose).
Afterwards, friends Doug and Sharon Schofield (whose wedding was my first to officiate) dropped me off in Grant Park so I could take the Metra home. Of course, Lollapalooza was going on, and I never felt more out of place than right then.

face it -- you were out of place at Lollapalooza because you're old.
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