Thursday, June 15, 2006


Death and redemption

As detailed below, I caused the horrible and unsolicited death of a family of earwigs by displacing a rock around my birdbath area, sending the group of earwigs into a newly uncovered ant egg nursery. The ants responded by killing off the earwigs in a fascinating battle (see closeup of ant and earwig in left pic - I recommend clicking on it to see it in its full glory). The very same day, I was able to balance things out a little by saving a cute little baby robin (right pic) from the clutches of my cat Stella. At first, feeling sorry for the bird and sure that it would soon die, I decided to hold it for a while until it expired. But then it started to try to stand up, and opened its beek to me in hopes of food. I gave it some water with an eyedropper, then put it in a box while I researched a nearby critter rescue. An hour later, the baby bird was in the hands of qualified professional critter rehabilitators, who assured me the robin would survive.
Not a bad way to spend an afternoon.

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