Friday, April 14, 2006


Preying babies

Wandering around the yard this spring, I've noticed a bunch of these cocoon-looking things scattered everywhere, attached to dead plants.
So I decided to disect one and find out what was inside. I saw a bunch of little larval guys arranged in circles. Notice the little guy poking out in the second pic. I imagine he was pissed off at me for destroying his home.
Mystified, I consulted the Internet, source of all information.
As it turns out, these are preying mantis egg cases. Pretty cool. If I didn't kill all the babies in this egg case, my yard should have a bunch of mantises in it in a few weeks. That's a good thing. Even if I did kill all the guys in this case, there are many more in my yard.
Seemed appropriate for Easter to post about preying babies.

Preying on babies, you should be ashamed of yourself. Kill as many as you want, you'll always have more...
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