Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Counting views

As the little photo bar to the left attests, I post some photos I've taken on Flickr. Mostly, they are random weirdness, but I get a kick out of seeing how many people view them. Pictures that have been up for a month or so and have a high "interestingness" rating from the site average about 20 views or so. The above photo was up for three days when it got its 100th view.
This woodcarving, by the way, is on display at the House on the Rock Museum in Wisconsin, a family-friendly destination filled with wooden breasts.
In any case, even in a thumbnail, it's quite evident that the breasts pictured above are not real. Or even silicone.
In any case, it has attracted a few people to my photos, and so I post it here in hopes that it may attract people to this blog.

More wooden breasts!
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